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Topdeck Travel has been operating since 1973, and is one of the world's leading tour operators for 18-30 something year old travelers. Topdeck offers tours for young budget travelers to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, The Middle East, and North America. Travel with Topdeck and share the experience with like-minded travelers.

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  • Excellent Route, Average Accomm, Poor Food & Guide
    3 out of 5   
    21 November, 2013

    So I took this tour a few months ago after getting a pretty deep discount on it by a stroke of luck. My trip was quite vast and this Topdeck tour served as the "middle" in a 7 week long trip across North America which consisted of travel with friends, group travel and travelling alone. I starte...

    By: squee | View Trip
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  • Topdeck; Never Again!
    1 out of 5   
    27 October, 2013

    22 days of regretting traveling with Top deck unfortunately. Seriously people they were hopeless. I always felt like I was not getting value for money. I found that the accommodation was always in a location far away from the main sights of each city. Most hotels were standard at best and a few w...

    By: SB2013 | View Trip
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  • Wonderful
    5 out of 5   
    24 October, 2013

    This is the longest Topdeck tour in Europe (49 days), so it can be testing at times being on tour for this long, but I give major credit to our tour leader and driver who where nothing but professional and up-beat the entire trip. On a trip this long the staff can make or break the experience, an...

    By: cwill | View Trip
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